20 Extra Large Dog Pet Toilet Training Wee Absorb Mat 2×4 Fleece Liner 150×80 cm


Wee pads 20 XL 150 x 80

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Pet pee pads

Puppy Training Pads

Large dog incontinence wee pads

New and Improved!

  • I have worked with my supplier and between us made these wee pads even more absorbent
  • I have added another 10 grams of SAP! (Super Absorbent Polymer) making them thicker
  • We now we have a total of 120 grams SAP
  • Better quality all round
  • Extra Large – Largest size available, we can’t find any bigger ones on eBay!!
  • Pack of 20
  • 5 Layers of protection
  • Super absorbent pads
  • The top layer allows moisture in but not out
  • The inner layers are absorbent for holding moisture inside the pad, away from you pet
  • The bottom layer is waterproof
  • Suitable for all types of pet
  • Unscented
  • Use them for puppy training, breeding, and incontinent pets
  • Fits a 2 x 4 C&C guinea pig cage

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Take a look at some of our rave reviews for money saving tips and ways to use them
By Mrs. E. Triceon 9 March 2014

I’ve been buying dog training pads for years and years and these are TRULY the biggest and the best I’ve ever bought. My only concern now is that I love the name of this supplier or that they suddenly stop stocking these pads. Other pads get soaked through in no time at all and it costs an arm and a leg to keep changing them. These pads are huge and very absorbent. I absolutely recommend them to anyone living in a flat/apartment with dogs. Once you’ve tried them you won’t change back to whatever system you were using before. Regards, Eva
By M O’Donnell on 27 March 2017

Absolutely fantastic for our old dog who peed where he was sleeping. Had them in strategic places around the sitting room and he always found one to sleep on so i think he liked them too. I weighted them down with furniture and the coffee table. Such a boon for his last few weeks. They soak up large urinations and I only discovered in his last days that they actually dry quickly and don’t smell for about 24 hours. Being so large they could be turned around for another few hours. It would have been so difficult without them.
By Ms. D Houlihan on 6 February 2017

Brilliant, they have saved me many mornings of pealing wet newspaper off the floor and floor washing, my poor dog is old and having a few accidents, small puppy pads were too small, he is a big German shepherd, these are ideal, as postage is so expensive I have actually started cutting the soiled section away as it is usual barely a third of the pad and I use the remaining again.
By E Manchester on 15 October 2014

Fantastically absorbent, HUGE pads. They are the only pads that can contain the huge amount of wee my old greyhound does in the middle of the night.
By A Customer on 6 May 2017

One of these equals 3 or so of the little ones, and he always went in between where they over lapped leaving wee on the floor, defeating the whole point of them, but these are amazing! Would definitely recommend to anyone with puppies/ dogs!
By vidfreak on 23 September 2015

I breed labrador cross German shepherds as well as pure KC reg Labradors and had 2 litters totalling 19 puppies born 2 weeks apart. With our previous litters, we used the standard 60×60 and 60×90 pads but then I found these 150×80’s so I bought some and loved them… In total,so far I have bought 2 of the 100 packs and when I have my next litters, I will buy more. Not only are they reasonably priced but the product is excellent. They absorb all the moisture and yet the underlying floor surface is bone dry.
I just wish I had found these a lot sooner
By Nicola B.on 22 September 2015

Already used these pads in the ’20’ pack size, so glad I found they did them in the larger quantity and still the excellent quality pads! Haven’t used any others since finding this product as it does exactly what it needs to do. The larger size is much more economical to buy and I would fully recommend them. I have Rottweilers so these are perfect for larger breed. Also, they don’t decide to shred them like they did with smaller ones I’ve used in the past.


  • Length – 150 cm (59″)
  • Width – 80 cm (31.5″)
Weight 1 kg

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